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There are blue blue ocean and blue blue sky. Tahiti must be like a heaven or the sanctuary. No crowds. Only a good number of people from over the worlds. It’s located in the Southern Pacific. Only a few neighbor islands. There are a few flights from the US, Hawaii and New Zealand. From Japan, one flight per day.

I took almost one day (20 hours) via Auckland, New Zealand. I used a mileage of United Airlines. Between Tokyo and Auckland, I could take a sheet at a Business Class. I was lucky. So I could enjoy the flight with good sleep. Several hours flight from Auckland to Tahiti brought me from winter to summer. Clothes are different, weather is different, foods are different, of course people are different. I think I became another person from the top to the toes totally.


I stayed at three different hotels there. First two nights, I stayed at Papeete of the main island. The hotel has a black sand beach from a volcano. Other nights, I stayed in Bora Bora Island which has a very large leafs. I chose two hotels from the nice of views and quality of the hotel for the excellent rooms, foods and managements.

One hotel has a great view of the symbolic mountain ‘Otemanu’. Another hotel has a number of good water bungalows on a blue and white sand. The hotel served me a nice breakfast by boat to my bungalow every morning. It was very memorable.

I arranged a small excursion to a shallow leaf for snorkeling to see many tropical fishes. I took a private sea taxi who had took me to the hotel on the another day. I enjoyed the diving with the kids of the driver. I met their grandmother at the pier. She looked like a pure Polynesian lady with a local dress.

I spent 10 days in total feeling good and relaxed. I usually have a many people to meet and talk, though I did only a few people this time. The first hotel in Bora Bora Island has no telephone sets nor TV sets. No noises. I just internet for a while… I presume that Tahiti is the perfect place for honeymoon  trip for the loving couples.

I thought it would be my first and last trip to the place, because of the flight time, air fare, and the room rates. My flight was free but the room rate per night was about 100,000 yen. It was costly and worthy visiting . Anyhow I LOVE TAHITI at last.

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