New Zealand

I visited New Zealand by happen on the way back from Tahiti. I had planned to get back to Tokyo without stopping at Auckland (New Zealand) , tough the ground operator of Air New Zealand at Papeete Airport in Tahiti sent my luggage to Auckland by mistake. So I became to have to pick up my luggage at the Auckland Airport. It seemed unlucky, but I was happy then, for I could enjoy the trip twice with the single free air ticket. 🙂

First of all, I had to find a winter jacket to survive in a winter season there. It was summer in Japan and Tahiti. I did not have any winter clothes then. 😦  I arrived at the airport in the late evening. I reserved a hotel in the middle of down town of Auckland by internet. I picked up my luggage and checked in the hotel directly.

Next morning, I went to the shop to find my clothe after having a quick breakfast at the small coffee shop.Then I went to the top of Sky Tower. It is the highest building in Auckland, which is 220m high. People got fun to see the great landscapes. Some scared the height, though I was OK because I had experienced much much higher tower in Tokyo.

I took a sightseeing boat to go around the bay. I enjoy both of the good city scenery from the tower and the bay. The view from the Harbour Bridge to the tower was great.

The third day, I took a bus tour to Rotorua, which is famous for the geyser. I could watch the ‘Maori’ Dance Show in the village next to the geyser. We also visited the farm of sheep and cows. There was an exhibition of shearing a sheep. I could touch a flock of sheep in the farm. We stopped at the cave living lots of glow-worms.

On the last day in Auckland, I took a bus city tour. It was a low season for the sightseeing. The member of the tour was only two including myself on the very big sightseeing bus. We visited several sightseeing spots. The city is not big but not so small. I think the city size is the nice for good living. Foods there was great. I enjoyed the Angus beef at the popular steak house near the hotel. The price is fixed. We can chose any size and any part of beef. I had a snack before the dinner. I hesitated to have a big cut, though I was told that I should take a big cut. Because they know I could finish it because the beef was very tender and tasty. That was true. In Auckland, I enjoyed not only the beef but also Italian and Lobster. I love them, too.

My travel finished four days later than my schedule because of Auckland stay. I hope to visit the South Island next time. It must be as beautiful as the North.

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