Venice (Venezia)

I went to Italy in early September 2015. It was my third time to Italy. The route of my travel there was like this.

(Milano) > Venezia > Firenze> (Napoli) > Capri > Amalfi > (Salerno) > Roma

I passed Milano because the ticket for L’Ultima Cena (Last Supper) was sold out. I took a express train to Venezia (Venice). I spent there for three days. My hotel was just one minute walk from Piazza San Marco. The cathedral of ‘Basilical di San Marco’ was under repair. I could see the city view from the clock tower (Campanile) by the cathedral.There are no cars in the main area of canals. People must take a walk or a boat which is the only transportation. Roads are like a maze. I lost my way often there. Google map on my iPhone was very useful. πŸ™‚


I went through the canals by that famous boat. Usually people share the same boat with a group, but I was alone on a boat. One of my main purpose of this travel was this canal boat. I dreamed this moment. I came to Venice for this 30 minutes.

The following day, I visited Murano Island which is famous for the workshops of Venetian Glass. I bought ashtrays of Venetian Glass. Big one was too heavy to carry till the end of this travel. (^ ^;

The last day in Venice, I was in Burano Island, that is popular for laceworks and very colorful houses of fishermen. I had lunch with a Chinese student from Germany on the island. My last meal in Venice was a nice supper at a terrace table by Canal Grande in front of Santa Lucia Station.

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