Firenze (Florence)

This is second time here. First time was about 40 years ago with my mother. City didn’t change so much, though the surface of ‘Santa Maria del Fiore’ seemed to become a little bit darker. I thought the polluted air and acid rain damaged it, I am not sure… However I went to the top of this great cathedral. They call this Duomo. I rode on a carriage to make a sightseeing along the old streets.

I didn’t visit Galleria degli Uffizi this time. I did visit with my mother before. We saw many famous arts in person then. It was pity to miss this museum this time. I hope to be here again only for the museum next time hopefully.


I planned to go to Pisa to see Leaning Tower. It was as expected. I reserved the bus tour to Pisa. But the number of people who joined the bus tour was only myself. It turned to take a private tour by Benz with the same price. It was very comfortable and the tour guide explained very kindly. She took my pictures also. Time was flexible to adjust for me. I asked her to take me to a hill where we can see the big view of Firenze on the way back.



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