Roma (Rome)

I took a ship from Amalfi to Salerno, then I transferred to ITALO super express train to Rome. The train marked 300km/h so fast as Japanese ‘Shinkansen’. Interior of ITALO is the best one in my life. Its sheet is made of pure leather and well designed as well as the shape of the cars. Real super express!

In Rome I went to San Pietro Cathedral at first for the prayer, and I went to the top of Cupola. I meditated for a while in the cathedral. I purchased a new cross for my souvenir. The cross at home was half a broken, that I bought at Notre Dame de Paris 40 years ago.


I visited only a few places in Rome this time as below.

Colosseo > Vocca della Verita > Trevi > Piazza di Spagna (Spanish Square)

Colosseo and Trevi were under the repair, which make me a little disappointed. Last two times in Rome, I threw a coin to Trevi that surely let me get back to the place again. This time I could not do that…that means I won’t be back to Rome again… 😦

I went to shopping on Condotti Street whose end is Spanish Square, that’s popular because of the popular movie ‘Roman Holiday’. I enjoyed a gorgeous real Italian cuisines at a the guide book listed restaurant behind the Louis Vuitton shop. After the great late lunchΒ  I bought a wallet at LV shop for my friend there. The final night in Italy became happy to join the dinner with a couple from Netherlands. We ate, drunk, chatted till the midnight. We became a good friend to each other then and now exchanging mails through Facebook.

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