DSC_2651_edited-2I went to Fiji on Christmas holiday years ago via Guam by United Airlines. It was very  hot and sunny enough to have a lot of suntan, maybe sunburn. (^^;  People living there were very friendly and smiley.

I had a chance to watch the Fijian dance show on the first night. I took a picture with the dancers after the show. It was very funny.

I visited two tiny islands on different days. One is inhabited and another one is uninhabited. We reached there by a yacht. It was my first time to ride on such a big yacht. I fished and canoed for a while. There held a ceremony for us to welcome to the place by a Fijian person. He washed some plant’s root or something in a basin, and we drink the water one by one thereafter. It tasted the earth… I did not have the stomachache by lucky.DSC_2743





DSC_2776 (1)The day when I visited the small inhabited island was Christmas Eve. Small kids on their holiday came to the pier to welcome us. Santa Claus came appear from the ocean by a small boat to give candy and sweets to those kids. I did nothing on the island but just lazy whole the day.

My Christmas dinner at a French restaurant at the hotel was alone. I missed somebody. I should have been there with somebody. (T.T) The hotel was well designed and managed well. It makes me very comfortable. I took a spa service just before leaving there for Japan.

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