Chiang Mai – Chiang Rai




Chiang Mai is the prayer city, where are lots of temples on a every block. People dedicate incense and flowers with a prayer to Buddha at temples. Maybe many years ago, Japanese did do the same things like them. They are keeping pious Buddhist life there. Even small girls dance for Buddha and the visiting people.

IMGP0019 (1)



Thailand is a tropical country. It’s hot and humid whole the year, but Chiang Mai is different. It’s surrounded by mountains. It’s cool for a tropical land. One of the mountains has the highest summit in Thailand. It’s only one hour drive to the place from the center of Chiang Mai. There are waterfalls, too. The climate is perfectly nice to me.




Chiang Rai is the northern rather big city in Thailand, where are many historical Buddhist temples. Above white temple is not old, but designed by modern architect with unique idea of reincarnation. DSC_4235

There are ruined temples destroyed by Burmese before. The city is close to the boundaries of Laos and Myanmar. They are called ‘Golden Triangle’, the name of drug production and  trading. The golden Buddha shows the central point of the area.

Central Mark Point of ‘Golden Triangle’
DSC_4401 (1)
Passport Control Check Point
Shopping Arcade of Myanmar

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