Kota Kinabal

Kota Kinabal is a Malaysian resort on Borneo Island, that is the north from Kuala Lumpur, the capital. We reach to the city via Singapore. It’s the Muslim country. The city has a large and beautiful dome of the Muslim Temple.DSC_9515

The hotel we stayed is ‘Shangri-La Rasa Ria Resort’. It has a reserve for ‘orangutans’. The reserve keeps young ones. There is another reserve for the orangutans of over certain age. There was a tour to watch those young orangutans at the place next to the Shangri-La hotel. It seems the reserve is a part of the hotel facilities. ?  Orangutan kids looked very innocent and mischievous. Lovely. I cannot forget their cute eyes.

Sand on a beach isn’t so white, but people play soccer, volleyball, horse riding, swimming, etc. as they like on the beeach. Evening time is splendid with the glorious sunset and a tiny ceremony for kids operated by the hotel. People enjoy their holidays from their heart there.Hotel beach at Rasa Ria Resort in Kota Kinabaru, Malaysia



Down Town ‘Kota Kinabalu’ is small. We went to the town in the afternoon. We had lunch at a nice Italian restaurant and have a coffee break at the board walk from the pier. Atmosphere was nice also. We found a shop where girls were selling very variety of beautiful insects in sizes and colors. We shopped a paper weight of clear solid plastic which contains a nice big insect inside. On a street, we met a guy in a local market place selling ‘durian’. Durian is very smelly. However once you got accustomed to its smell and eat it, you say ‘delicious .DSC_9584


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