When I was in Penang, I stayed at Eastern & Oriental Hotel. I liked the old building and its swimming pool. It is different from castle, though it seemed like a some historical place with such an atmosphere. Maybe ‘classical’ goes with the hotel and people working there.

I took a one bedroom suite at the square end of the building facing to the sea. I could hear the sound of waves on the coast. The balcony has a white hat on the parapet on the corner. I felt some exotic mood from it. Its photo became one of the best shots in Penang.IMGP3822


I met a guy working at the room service department for my room. He took me to his grandmother’s house and she cooked us a nice dinner by herself for us.

He guided me to several places in the city. The snake temple was one of them and great to touch the real big beautiful snake. It was my first time to touch. I was very nervous and scared it at first.  I think a big snake is much better to touch than a small snake.

We got a big fun at a Chinese seafood restaurant. Their saying is “IF IT SWIMS WE HAVE IT“. I remembered the words. Chinese people say “they eat everything if it has four legs but a table, flying things but an airplane.” They eat even snakes for making body warmer especially in winter time. I LOVE Chinese foods but the snake. Touching is enough to me. 🙂DSC_4711_edited-1



On a jet way back to Japan, I saw a very beautiful purple sky from the window. Another nice picture from the trip.IMGP4003

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