Mt. Fuji 富士山

Mt. Fuji is the symbol of Japan on Honshu main island. It’s 3,376m high. It’s an active volcanic mountain. It had been hoped to be the World Heritage for many years by Japanese people, but could not until 2013, because of much wastes brought by visitors. Mr. Ken Noguchi, who is a famous mountaineer, appealed not to bring and bring back. Also he made an action to clean the mountain.

from the distance (Altitude: 500-700m)


Scenic beauty from ‘Hakone’  (Altitude: 1000m)


5th station of Mt. Fuji. No snow on the top at this time  (Altitude: 1800m)


Mountain Top in 1986  (Altitude: 3700m)


from the Jet  (Altitude: 8000m ?)

Because of the beauty and solemnness, it attracts the people to bow and prayed to it. There are many shrines to celebrate it every where in Japan. Women were prohibited to climb the mountain in old days. Lots of artist painted Mt. Fuji. One of the most famous picture is woodcut print by Hokusai Katsushika in Edo Period or 18th century.


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