Nikko (日光)

Nikko is one of the most famous and popular sightseeing place. There are many places must go there like ‘Toshogu Shrine’. It was built for ‘Ieyasu Tokugawa’ the founder of the longest period of Samurai.  Edo period, namely 17th – 19th century, Japan was  governed by ‘Tokugawa’ family for 300 years.

In Meiji Era, 19th century after Edo, Nikko was developed by European and American ambassadors for their resort. There remains the remembrances of those days as the European and Japanese mixed styled wooden building of ‘Kanaya Hotel’.

Among the shrines and temples in Nikko, ‘Yomeimon-Gate’ is a very beautiful and catch eyes of every visitor. It is colored in white and decorated with fine engravings and colorful paintings. People call it ever had  perfect building. This building is under repair for coming a  couple of years.



see-not, hear-not, speak-not
God Bridge, the entrance to the Shrine Area


If you drive 50 hairpin turns to the mountains, you will reach to ‘Chuzen-ji Lake’ Water stream runs down to famous 97m waterfalls of ‘Kegon’. Lake Chuzenji appeared by the eruption of Mt. Nantai. Kegon Waterfalls is called the most beautiful waterfalls in Japan… I doubt it, because I know another more beautiful waterfalls in Wakayama. Name is ‘Nachi’.IMGP0570

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