I planned to go travel to Kumamoto – Aso – Oita in next September. Two days ago, it happened. Huge earthquake attacked them. Many people were killed by destroyed buildings.

That beautiful Kumamoto-jo Castle were damaged seriously, too. Heavy stone tiles fell down, part of the stone built foundation of the main castle were ruined.  Researchers say it will take longer than ten years or more to recover it.

Mt. Aso is a largest active volcano in Kumamoto prefecture. So many people were killed in its area. Population in that area are not many, but so many people were injured and killed. It means how big earthquake it was. Magnitude was 7.3.
The seismic source was quite shallow. It caused the shakes on the ground very big. The Scale marked as big as 7. Buildings crashed, walls fell down, lands slided, and fires. It’s the hell.

Earthquakes are still causing. I hope it will stop soon. The meteorology Department forecasts it will continue for coming one or two weeks. They should aware it with good attentions.

People in Japan already have started the movement to support and help the people in Kumamoto. We had learned how and what we should do after this kind of disaster after ‘Kobe’ and ‘Fukushima’.

We received the news about the another large earthquake in Equador. We must support them as the one in Nepal from Japan.

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