It was 6 years ago when I went to Kurobe, deep mountain side of Japan. There is the largest dam, Kurobe Dam. It is a variable arch dam to support the 335 MW (mega watt) Hydropower Plant, 186 meter in height. Of course it’s the tallest dam in Japan. It took 7 years to construct. It’s very dynamic scaled construction!


Kurobe Dam

Kurobe is prohibiting traffic. We must take a electric car and ropeway to reach to this dam and higher mountain from the dam. We went to the top of Mt. Tateyama, whose altitude is 3015m. The foot of the mountain was early autumn, but the top was already winter. We enjoyed the two different seasons in a day.


Mt. Tateyama


autumn in highlands

Next day we went to Kurobe Canyon, the other side of Mt. Tateyama. Water stream was very clear and fresh. We rode a very narrow gauged train to the beginning of the canyon. If it was one month later, we could enjoy the colorful autumn leaves.



Kurobe Canyon


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