The War Memorial of Korea

IMG_6198I visited the War Memorial of Korea in Seoul City. I learned a lot about not only their war history but also their emotions. They are educated what happened in the country from the old days till the most recent ones as well as on their school textbooks. It concerned about the issues between Korea and Japan.

Most impressed one is  ‘Takeshima(竹島)’, they call it ‘Dokdo’(独島). In Japan, our textbooks explain about this issue only a little, maybe a few lines. Almost Japanese students don’t realize the issue is existing, but Korean students and people regard that it’s one of the biggest political issue. As one of you may recognize that Japanese government is controling the textbook how and what the student learn from it in their school days. Only a limited matter is educated at school thru the textbook in Japan. There is less freedom of education in Japan…

In Korea, everything is different. I met a taxi driver. He expressed about the things happened in World War II and the issue of ‘Takeshima’ emotionally. He said he learned about them at school. He of course was born after the War. Sometimes I felt a fear remembering their strong hate against Japan and Japanese.

Personally I have several Korean good friends. They are very friendly and sincere. I’ve never considered what feeling they have in their minds. They received the same education as this taxi driver though.

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