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What I had in ‘Kyushu’

Meals are one of my most important things to have on my travels. Kyushu has lots of beautiful and delicious local foods. We can taste lots of fresh fishes, veges, and meats.


I stayed at a traditional Japanese inn (Japanese styled local hotel) for the first night in Takachiho. They served a course of well arranged dishes as you may see below. Almost of them are from the local market. I loved the Takachiho beef, which is A5 ranked, the best ranked beef. It was very tender and juicy.

Breakfast at the Inn was very simple. Fresh made ‘Tofu’ was very delicious having good flavors of Tofu.



Traditional style of breakfast



I stayed at a western style hotel in Beppu. There has nice restaurants, though I preferred to have a dinner at a local restaurant. So I went to the most popular and reasonable local restaurant which is ranked in a top on a internet gourmet site. The restaurant name is ‘とよ常’ (‘Toyotsune‘). Every fish are from the local fish market. Every dish is very reasonable and delicous. The course of the meal was cost only JPY2,500.

I met one Chinese and two Thai girls to seat next to next. I could enjoy the foods and nice talk with them. 🙂




I had a lunch at a small restaurant in front of an old temple. They served me a vegetarian foods (精進料理 ’Shojin’). No meat and no fishes. They were also delicious. I like meat but I enjoyed and satisfied with them without meat. Monk should eat these kind of  foods every meal, but now a day’s monk eat everything. They don’t care which contains meat or fishes.


Vegetarian Lunch at a temple


For the last meal in Kyushu was the lunch box at Oita Airport.


Bento (lunch box) in Oita Airport

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