Rarotonga (Cook Islands)

At last I went to Rarotonga after Tahiti two years ago. I checked lots of pictures about Rarotonga on WordPress sites. They were so beautiful but the real was much more!

It took almost 2 days from Tokyo stopping at Sydney and Auckland. I visited Guam, New Caledonia, Fiji, Tahiti, and Hawaii before. The atmosphere was similar to each other. Climate is almost the same. But the way of life there was much simpler than other islands.

There were many plantations of tropical fruites to export, but the freight costs were very expensive to compete. Now there are a few plantations and cultivative fields on the island. Most of the foods and goods are imported from New Zealand, so meat is good as in New Zealand. Bottle of mineral water is expensive even at the local store. Foods are the same. There is no such a variety of goods as  in Japan. There are fewer choice to enjoy the foods and others.

There are not many activities nor attractions on the island. Just relax and enjoy the time passing very slowly. I had most of my time in the shade watching the blue blue ocean and blue blue sky. Sea breathe was so comfortable.

Only one thing missing was the parson whom I share the same time together with me. Most of the guests staying at the resort were couples and families. Only me was alone! That was OK, because I met several nice funny people to talk and drink there. I hang over with them, too. 🙂 I felt the major guests are from New Zealand, Australia and the US. There are several direct flights from those nations. I could not see other Asians there besides me.

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