Club Raro Resort

I took a Lagoon View Suite at the hotel. It’s not large but enough two persons facing to the lagoon with the proper room rate. People working there are friendly, but one or two looked a little tired sometimes. Rubbish box was not cleaned once. Room service was slow. It took 30 minutes until I got foods at the balcony in my room. Any way I could understood it’s the Cookies’s way and Cookies time. I enjoy such a time and way of the services.

There is only a one kitchen in the hotel. So menus are not so many. Usually dinner menus are more expensive than morning or lunch. Their menus’ price are rather flat. So I could enjoy the foods without thinking about the costs. I finished more than a half of them during my staying there.

I must tell about the breakfast. They offer us the buffet. But we can order the hot meal in stead of the buffet. Hot meals are very delicious and a large volume enough for the breakfast. I cannot imagine to have a beef steak sandwich to start a day at home. Breakfast restaurant is not by the lagoon and not so bright, but still enjoyable.

Therefore I took the most of my meal at the Pool Bar, Lagoon Side Terrace, or Room Balcony.

Lagoon was not white sand. It was rocky. We need to wear beach shoes then. I just stay at the lagoon side and relaxed breathing comfortable clear and beautiful air. The sun beams are very strong enough to break my skin. I put sun screen but it did not work. I wore T-shirt all the day.

My stay at the hotel was very nice and reasonable for the room rate and the convenient location to the city center. However I had an unhappy incident. My money was taken during my two days away from the hotel for another small island. I informed to the front. They just said to go to the police. I did not know the location, so I dialed the station. Three police officers came to my room and checked everything carefully. They listened to me so sincerely. They prepared a document for me in a couple of days. Most sad thing was the hotel manager (Rose) did not apologize to me in person…

I think I will stay at the other side of the island next time where we can see the white sand lagoon beach.

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