Aitutaki (Cook Islands)

I I took a flight to ‘Aitutaki’ Island. It took one hour to the paradise. I purchased a round trip air tickets about 10 months ago. The flight to Aitutaki from Rarotonga was fully booked out. It was 50 minutes flight though there was drink service. Charming woman flight attendant served us with charming smile.

I stayed at a small resort (?) which has a few bungalows. My bungalow was lagoon front. There is nothing but the accommodations. There is no shops, restaurants near by. I, this time, rent a motor cycle to go around the small island two times.

It was Saturday before the local holiday. I did not know every places close from Saturday afternoon till the end of next Sunday. I could not find any restaurant for my supper. I could buy some canned foods at a small super(?)market. But there was useless can opener at the hotel. So I was starving whole the night until very simple breakfast.

On that Sunday, I joined to a small cruise stopping at several tiny islands and the shallow diving spot for swimming and snorkeling. So far out!!! Fantastic!

Lagoon water was very very clear like glasses. But I could not find small and colorful tropical fishes. Only large dark fishes were there. There lives a big clam fishes on rocks. I supposed many tiny fishes were swimming around me…


We had a lunch on one of the island called ‘One Foot Island’. This plate was my first and last big meal on the island. I could diet well on this small place that is very close the heaven. 🙂

My way back flight was 4:40pm. The plane was not so big.. Number of passengers were only three including me. I could not enjoy the foods there but enjoyed a lot about the so beautiful ocean water and cute tiny islands on the so large lagoons.

Farewell my dreamed ever longing paradise.

I got this stamp at One Foot Island on my passport. This must become the one of my best souvenir of my Rarotonga Trip.

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