Gospel @Rarotonga (Cook Islands)


All the shops and restaurants were closed, though Church opened to everybody on Sundays. I went to a cathedral which located near to the hotel. (Above)

Old and young, women and men dedicated the Gospels to God with the great harmony. My soul and heart were moved very much. Awesome and amazing! Lots of visitors were attended to the service, most of those visitors were travelers visiting Rarotonga. This Gospel is very popular to them.

Church members seated on the ground floor. They sang Gospels. Visitors seated on the second floor (balcony).

After all the visitors left, the solemn sacrament was offered. I wanted to received it, but I did not. 😦

They had a own religion before Christianity. The missionaries came to Rarotonga let the local people convert to it. Now 100% people there believe God under Christianity. I saw they build  cemeteries on their own home yards. There are many taboo places for their native religion. Number of parliaments are same number of the old religion. It’s interesting to me…

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