After Rarotonga, I visited Sydney, Australia for three days. It was short stay, although Sydney is not so big as Tokyo or New York. So it was enough. After arriving at the Sydney Airport, I bought a subway card first at the Airport Station. I charged 40-00 dollars. I could not fished the amount until the end of my stay including the round trip to the down town where I stayed. The remained dollars were not refunded.

I rode on the subways several times in down town. I took wrong a wrong train by mistake once. I lost my ways to my destinations several times using Google Map on iPhone. Metro Map and Google Map are very useful, I know. But once we lost our direction, we must be kind of panic. Every time I got panic, I took a taxi. Kind drivers take me to a right price with shortest route. Less kind drivers take me to the right place with a detoured rout. Hopeless driver refuse me to take to the right place, for my destination is too close. It’s the international common incidents. 😦

The first drive by a taxi was very fortune one. The taxi was brand new London Taxi. It was two weeks old! That was cool!!!

My first visit in Sydney was Opera House, the World Heritage. I took a walk from the Circle Circular Quay station along the promnade. It was very sunny. The Opera House was beautiful from the distance. I took a lot pictures of it. I went around the building. But I gave up to get into the building, because I had a reservation of the bay cruise leaving the Quay at 14:00.

I went back to the Quay where the Captain Cook Cruise departs. I spent about one and a half hours on a boat. The air was cool and comfortable. We could see the nice view of the Harbor Bridge and the Opera House.

I saw many people walking on the top of the bridge. I don’t like a high place, so I did not climb to the top of the bridge. If I could, I surely see the best view of the Opera House.

Sydney is world famous place for yachts. There are several yacht harbors in the bay.

Then I visited a small zoo nest to a small aquarium in the ease south of the Quay.. The reason why I went to the small zoo was ‘a guide book introduced the place where we can see and touch KOALA bear. But I could see it in 50cm distance though I could not touch it. At last I became to feel sorry about these animals because they were placed in a very small cages with lots of stresses. The zoo is mere a show.

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