Blue Mountains (Australia)

I joined to the day trip to Blue Mountains National Park. It’s two hours drive to the west from Sydney. Why they call ‘Blue Mountains’? Because Mountains are covered with blue air when it’s clear. The tour guide said the blue air comes from the vapor of  gum trees (eucalyptus).

The day was very hot and clear. It was very blue. The guide told me again “Last two days were not good weather as today. Se we could not see the blue air like this on the other day. You are Lucky.”

There are lots of scenic beauty points in the Blue Mountains Park. Of course I took lots of pictures there. I enjoyed the trekking for a couple of hours. I lost a BLUEtooth ear phone at the BLUE Mountains… 😦

Look at the top left picture on this article. You can see the three needle rocks. They are called ‘Three Sisters”. There is a long sad story about the three sisters who became ti the rocks waiting for their father. This story was told by the tour guide, too.

There are three exciting attractions there. One cable car and two rope ways. The cable car runs on the 60° very steep slope. I felt as if it was falling. It was a big fun indeed. The view from the rope ways are splendid. I enjoyed at all.

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