Good Restaurants (Raro & Syd)

I went to three good restaurants during my trip one in Rarotonga and two in Sydney.

< Trader Jacks >  Rarotonga

There are a few good restaurants in Rarotonga. Usually hotel has restaurants for the guests, though there is no such a large hotels in Rarotonga. Among those few good restaurants, Trader Jacks in the City (very small city is the one of the best. This restaurant is introduced on a guide book also. I liked an ahi  fish grill. The tastes are similar to tuna or bonito. Clam chowder contains lots of different fishes. Yam.

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< ChopHouse > Sydney

This restaurant is a little bit difficult without mobile map. Atmosphere is good under the comfortable lighting (a little dim). All the stakes are 300g. Way of the service is nice. When it is crowded, it takes a time, though worth waiting. I had a very delicious fillet steak and mushroom saute. Steak was tender and juicy. Probably this is the best steak in my 60 years life.

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< 360° Bar and Dining >  Sydney

This revolving restaurant locates on the Sydney tower. I thought I could watch the night view of Opera House and the Bridge, but tall buildings prevent the view. There were only one or two landmarks to see at night from the top of the tower, If you want see the beautiful night view of Opera House, it’s better to go to the Circular Quay.

French course menu was fortunately very delicious. Every dish was arranged nicely like Japanese’Kaiseki’. At first I disappointed for the view, however I became happy for the tasty dinner. It took two hours to finish from the beginning.

The course is:  Oyster > Escalope > Chicken > Salmon > Beef Steak > Apple Cakes

This became my last dinner on my trip. Happy End.

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