Luau (Paradise Cove)

That evening, I went to the ‘Luau’ show at ‘the Paradise Cove’.

I enjoyed several attractions as tattoo painting, hula show, net fishing, etc. There was a chance to see the sunset, but there was too many clouds on a sea horizon. (T.T)

The biggest show was the Polynesian Dancing Show. I saw this kind of shows in Guam, Fiji, New Zealand, and Tahiti. Also in Hawaii 35 years ago with my mother and grandfather.  This show was OK, although it was not so exciting one. Anyhow I could enjoy well.

Luau is another event. It’s the cuisine cooked with local foods by native way of cooking style. 35 years ago, they were tasty. Not so much this time. I did not finish them.

Regarding the dancing show, Guam and the Fiji were the best.

I paid 183 dollars for this place. 







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