Mt. Tanigawa in Summer & the late Winter

Last year in August, I went to the highland on the ‘Mt.Tanigawa’ in Gumma Prefecture. It was very foggy and cold for summer at the time. I could not see anything. But only thing I enjoyed was the black and white scenery like a painting in India ink. πŸ˜‰

Last week, namely in end of March, I went to the other side of Mt. Tanigawa for hot spring and skiing.

Snow was wet and heavy like s sherbet. I went to the top of the not high small hill by a lift. The hill was just for the beginners and older people like me. I went to the top only for four times. I enjoyed the they call ‘spring ski’.

After the three hour skiing, I went back to the ‘Onsen’ (hot spa). It’s just five minutes drive. So clothes.

The hotel prepared the nice course of dinner. I skipped the lunch on the day, for I bought a lunch box before the lunch time on the Shinkansen green car. (First Class)

Everything was perfect. They were reserved and organized so fine especially for us.

After the dinner, I took the real Onsen at the hotel. Very large bath tub. Sauna, outdoor bath, jacuzzi. It was decorated with lots of jade stones. Impressive.

I must tell, the next day April 1st was closing day of the skiing field. To enjoy the end of winter ski season, they held the Alpine Ski races. They enjoyed a lot for the big fun.

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