A Poor Dolphine, Hawaii

I visited Hawaii one month ago. I’ve been there for more than 7 or 8 times. I went to Hawaii in 1981 with my family. We took a private airplane to visit major four islands. My grandmother was born in Maui island. We could meet my relatives there. It was the very memorable time during the Hawaii visit.

I drove a car to a dolphin park on the upper east coast Oahu Island for my family to see dolphins in the park. My grandfather delighted to watch their dancing according to a tiny story on a pond. They are very skillful and well trained like human dancers. I enjoyed the meanful show by the dolphins. Can you imagine that the dolphins danced with human dancers on a tiny island of the pond. They were synchronized. They blew our minds. We ecould enjoyed the time from hearts.

All of my parents and grandparents passed away several decades ago… I remember them time to time with the nice memory of talented beautiful and cute dolphins in the park.

I planned to visit the Park again after the many years during my Hawaii visit last month. I expected to meet the joyful and cheerful dolphins as before. I thought I will get power and happy time then from them.

Although it turned to making me so sad. They looked so blue. They don’t swim so happily as 40 years ago. They just jump and just swim. There were no stories on the show. It was mere show without meaning.

It was maybe OK… The most terrible this was a 12-year-old girl dolphin kept in the small and shallow tub. She was there to let us touch and satisfied our curiosity. Her eyes looked very sad and frustration.

She was like a heavy duty prisoner in a small cell isolated from other dolphins. The tub, not a bank…, was located far away from the big pond of the show. There was no connecting river or channel to the pond. She was really isolated.

The park does not permit us to bring the mobile phone or camera to the area of her tub. They took our pictures with her. They sell us those pictures for the souvenirs with 40 or 50 US dollars for each. Also the admission fee with the ticket to the miserable girl dolphin cost 50 dollars. The park making their profit from these attractions.

I understood the park are getting good numbers in profit from the show. I could tell the reason. The park expanded the site, more building for sea animals better than 40 years ago.

I just wonder why they don’t prepare the bigger tank for the 12-year-old girl dolphin. It is so sad to understand she was totally isolated from other friends dolphins…

Before last month, I was encouraged by the old picture taken in the same park with my family. The picture took me back to the time.

I wanted to buy the special picture of me with the dolphin, but I did not, for I became sad to remember the hurt and painful body and eyes. She was protesting to make her free. If it was impossible for the park, I just hope she would see her friends again in the same pond.

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