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dsc_6822I am Polar BEAR living in Tokyo Its population is over 13.5 million. I have a NIKON camera, but usually I take pictures with iPhone 7 plus (waiting iPhone 8 now). I play ‘Judo’ and scuba. I like taking a walk on the city sidewalks and in the parks. I sometimes visit museums and ‘Ueno Zoo’ in Tokyo. I love drinking coffee at cozy coffee shops over smoking. It makes me relaxed and refreshed.

I explore the city to find a reasonable but nice restaurants. I like flowers at a flower shop and flower beds on a street or in a park. I love watching movies by video and and at a big theater. I used to play the tuba and the piano though I stopped them years ago, though I listen to the music quite often. I have too many things to list here. haha…

I hope you could imagine how I am. I am 182cm and 87kg. I am not pretty and not ugly. Just the between. ‘Pretty ugly.’ It’s a joke.


Life is short or long? Me? When I was a kid, a day seemed very very long. Time passes so slowly. But There remained only a few moments to remember. When in adult, the day passed quicker the more getting older. About those adult memories, there are less ones about the days when I was absorbed in working hardly, and more memories when I was doing for my own things like in a holidays or something I like as hobbies, travels, or enjoying with someone special.

So… life is short to do but long to remember if I do something I do like. Last April I became 61 years old. I could not suppose to be 60 when I was younger. The 60 year old people looked very old then. However I am thinking myself still young now. Am I old or young?

Problem is about my health. I placed two stents in my heart in last three years. I feel sometimes funny heart beating. I scare I am dying shortly. I like cherry blossoms as a special one. Every spring, I saw them in a park near by my home. Every spring I think how many times I can see them again in my life. When I was younger, I did not think about cherry blossoms like this. It’s not pessimistic about my life. Just because the way of the blossoms’ life. It start to bloom at once, and falls so quickly and shortly. Life is short?

There are lots of memories in my life now. They must be amazing and beautiful, although some bitter memories. Sometimes I regret them. If I chose another option, I could be happier and successful… It’s the assumption, not my life. It might be a destiny to chose and happen. I should accept everything which I had done. I am 61. It would be full of sorrow if I regret everything. I rather remember everything as my part of good life. Sweet or bitter… nothing to do with judging my value of my life.

I am writing good things better than bitter ones on this blog. If I remember something good, I feel happier. After writing about my happy life on this to read and remember again and again, I become satisfied with my life and think myself very lucky to be born.

I will continue to keep writing the blog for my testimony that I was existed in this world. Oh, I am very sentimental at this moment. I love my tiny life. It may be short and long. My rest of my life will be short and long. I love it. I praise it. Thank God to give me this day. Enjoy the entire of my life should be very very difficult, though enjoy the everyday life should be easier. I will keep doing every day… day by day. I love YOU all.

About Me

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