The below are typical Japanese foods at good restaurants in Japan. Restaurants on my pictures below are mostly from downtown Tokyo. When you come to Tokyo, you will find many different kinds of restaurants from all over the world. It’s kind of excited to explore those new places to have good meals every time.

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‘Washoku’ 和食
I like eating good foods. Good means not only the quality or tastes, but also the healthiness. I love Italian, French, American and Chinese, and … All the foods. Although thinking about the health, Japanese foods are one of the bests. I like the way of the services are like a French one, arrangements of every dish are splendid like an art. (Not always. Haha…)

When you visit these restaurants in every different season, you will find the very different dishes well arranged from variety materials to let us feel very the season. It’s ‘Washoku’.

But also there is wide range of Japanese restaurants from small drinking bar, “Izakaya”, casual first foods, “Domburi” restaurant to expensive traditional Japanese restaurants, “Kappoh”.


You can enjoy ‘Sashimi’ and ‘Sushi’ everywhere in Japan. Fishes are very fresh from morning fish markets. Prices are up to the places. Lunch hours they serve us the dishes with very reasonable prices, but in the evening hours they become twice or several times more expensive. Once you understand this rule, you are sure to enjoy and have good but reasonable meals in Japan.