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What I had in ‘Kyushu’

Meals are one of my most important things to have on my travels. Kyushu has lots of beautiful and delicious local foods. We can taste lots of fresh fishes, veges, […]

Kunisaki(国東)in Kyushu

Kunisaki is isolated valleys in Kunisaki Peninsula of Kyushu Island with lots of old temples and shrines. Those temples and shrines keep so many old and historical statues of Buddha […]

The “Hells” of Beppu

Beppu is a famous hot spa resort city on Kyushu Island in Japan. There are hundreds of hot springs and so many hot spring hotels there. The “hells” (地獄, jigoku) […]

Takachiho Gorge

Takachiho (Miyazaki) 高千穂

I went to Takachiho in Miyazaki Prefecture on Kyushu Island last Sunday. Takachiho is popular for its nature beauty and old mythological history. One of the best view in Takachiho […]

‘Kawaii’ Maid Cafe(かわいい)

I went to ‘Akihabara’ in Tokyo. I visited Maid Cafe. There are several attractions provided by ‘Kawaii’ girls. Their costume is like a cute maid’s. This kind of Maid Cafe […]


When I have a foreign guest in Japan, I always take them Nikko. It’s 2 hours ride to the north from Tokyo by express train. This time, I have a […]


Akeno is popular for the sunflower field on a highland. There are 600,000 sunflowers in the field. I visited a highland resort for the lunch. In winter it is popular […]


I trekked ‘Oze’ for three days. Oze is a very famous marsh land especially for skunk cabbage (no bad smells as American one) with white flower indicating the begginning of […]

Hydrangea – Flower of Rainy Season

‘Ajisai’ (hydrangea) indicates the beginning of the rainy season. I like this flower at this season, especially at the St. Luke International Hospital Chapel. The color of the flower at […]

Friday Night!

It’s Friday! the 13th… But it was very nice and happy day. Because my friend took me to a small Japanese drinking restaurant again! Thank you, my friend. The chef […]

Birthday Dining

My birthday is April 16th. But today my brother and his wife invited me to the birthday dinner of mine. We were too busy to adjust our schedule until today. […]

Canal Pavement

It’s five minutes walk to ‘ Toriton Square’ where I go often for coffee. There are tower buildings of apartments, offices, and shopping. I see many flower beds in the […]


Shinkan-sen, the bullet train started the service in 1964, when the last Tokyo Olympic Game was held. First shinkan-sen was between Tokyo – Osaka in three hours. Now Shinkan -sen […]


It was 6 years ago when I went to Kurobe, deep mountain side of Japan. There is the largest dam, Kurobe Dam. It is a variable arch dam to support […]

Journey to the WEST

This was the trip with my old friend from Ireland. We met in New York City 30 years ago. He came to Tokyo to watch the Moto Grand Prix held […]

Spring Flowers

After cherry blossoms, spring gardens are so bright with many sorts of flowers in my neighborhood. Pink large flower below is a peony. My friend’s mother is taking care of […]

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