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Atlantis Cruises (Honolulu – Sunset)

I took a sunset cruise, Atlantis Cruises in Honolulu. It’s the second time. Last time was decades ago by Windjammer, a large ship. Atlantis is not so big as it, […]

Luau (Paradise Cove)

That evening, I went to the ‘Luau’ show at ‘the Paradise Cove’. I enjoyed several attractions as tattoo painting, hula show, net fishing, etc. There was a chance to see […]

Gospel @Rarotonga (Cook Islands)

All the shops and restaurants were closed, though Church opened to everybody on Sundays. I went to a cathedral which located near to the hotel. (Above) Old and young, women […]

Kunisaki(国東)in Kyushu

Kunisaki is isolated valleys in Kunisaki Peninsula of Kyushu Island with lots of old temples and shrines. Those temples and shrines keep so many old and historical statues of Buddha […]

Takachiho Gorge

Takachiho (Miyazaki) 高千穂

I went to Takachiho in Miyazaki Prefecture on Kyushu Island last Sunday. Takachiho is popular for its nature beauty and old mythological history. One of the best view in Takachiho […]

‘Kawaii’ Maid Cafe(かわいい)

I went to ‘Akihabara’ in Tokyo. I visited Maid Cafe. There are several attractions provided by ‘Kawaii’ girls. Their costume is like a cute maid’s. This kind of Maid Cafe […]

Kakiyasu(柿安), Ginza

I took my friend to one of the best Japanese restaurant (‘Kappo’) for his last dinner in Japan. Beef is ‘Matsuzaka-gyu’, the best Japanese beef for ‘Sukiyaki’.


This old palace opens till 10pm at night. When I was there before, it opened only daytime. It was kind of noisy there. If it was silent, it must be […]


Buyeo is located one and a half hours away from Seould to the south.  It was an old capital of the county in 7th century. They believed Buddhism in those days. […]

Korean Traditional Dance

The music sounded like Japanese ‘Noh’ or ‘Gagaku’. Their costumes looked like the ones of Imperial Family’s. Maybe Japanese culture is influenced by them deeply. The show was only one […]

The War Memorial of Korea

I visited the War Memorial of Korea in Seoul City. I learned a lot about not only their war history but also their emotions. They are educated what happened in […]

Joint Security Area (JSA), KOREA

I went to South Korea for a week. The second day, I joined to a tour group to Panmungjeom(板門店). Panmungjeom is used for an important meeting. Many guards and newsman […]


Matsumoto-jo was built about 400 years ago, which is the oldest and original castle. It is a National Treasure. It is sometimes called ‘Ujo’, namely the castle of crow, because […]

Travel Record

As far as I remember, I went abroad 51 times in my life. I hope the number will continue to increase until the end of my life. When I traveled […]

Spring Flowers

After cherry blossoms, spring gardens are so bright with many sorts of flowers in my neighborhood. Pink large flower below is a peony. My friend’s mother is taking care of […]

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